Mint Oil Variety Pack (3, 1-oz bottles)


Owyhee’s family farm has been in the Mint Oil industry since 1976. Our founder, Owen Froerer, started producing mint as he saw it as an up-and-coming industry. We offer some of the purest oil on the market as our oil is steam-distilled and contains no outside oil – making it 100% mint oil straight from the still.

We grow, harvest, distill, and package 3 varieties of mint oil – Peppermint, Spearmint, and Native Mint Oil. These oils have many uses and are broken down to being a food-grade essential oil. They can be used like an essential oil and can be used as extracts as well. However, one drop of our mint oil is equivalent to 1 teaspoon of mint extract.

A majority of our oil is sent to Colgate and Wrigley’s for gum and toothpaste, but we have recently wanted to offer our oil straight to the consumer so grab a bottle of our family grown oil straight from the still! Please note that all of  our oil will get darker with age. It is a natural process and does not mean it is going bad.

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