We are the Farmer, Grower, Shipper, & Packer.

Unparalleled Innovation


Unrivaled Impurity Detection

The first set of NIR cameras take 10 photos that allows us to see 2-3 layers into each onion.  We can find bruising, decay, mold and  sunburn to name a few.  This helps us to see things our amazing people can’t and it keeps our customers from finding any unsightly surprises  too, pun intended.

Onion Perfection

The second set of high powered digital cameras  take another 10 photos to look for defects on a level that no human can. We can find  cuts, stains, roots, tops, color variation and dozens of other things you would never even think of.  What all this means are better aesthetics, quality, consistency and fewer headaches.

Superior Quality

The third set of cameras project a high powered light through each onion bulb. This  allows us to see what’s happening all the way to the center of the onion.  We can find dry-scale, internal decay and translucent scale.  No surprises when cutting our onions in half.

Cutting-edge Sorting

We love the folks who help hand-grade our onions, but they don’t have x-ray vision. To help them out we have invested millions in the most sophisticated sorting and grading systems in the world. We take 41 pictures of each and every onion we sell. That’s over 4 BILLION photos a year.

How do we do it?

Let's start with an overview of our produce

Sustainable & Climate-Conscious Farming

Due to climate change, farming is both harder and more important than any other time in history.

Extremes in climate mean more risk for farmers and more volatility for non-farmers. Operations like ours are the best hedge against these extremes. We control all aspects of the process. We are the farmer, grower, packer, shipper and processor. The buck stops with us. It also means the transparency of process and control is something you will seldom see and that’s because we have nothing to hide.

We want to improve the land and improve our chances for survival into the future. This means our team of specialists here at Owyhee Produce are constantly taking real world steps to reduce our impact on the environment. We are doing our part to “Make a Difference”.

As Seen On

Owyhee Through the Seasons


Mother nature is waking up the ground giving us a glimpse of what summer may bring and helping us say goodbye to the colder winter day. We prepare to plant many crops during this season and are growing, picking and packing our fresh Asparagus. While we wrap up our Oregon/Idaho onion program.


We are in the heat of things, with long hot days, with the hopes of cool nights. we are caring for a variety of our crops, harvesting watermelon, wheat, and getting ready for our early onions.


We are busy bee’s during this season, mother nature is giving us a warning that things will get cold and that it is time for us to bring our crops out of the ground that we have labored over for the growing season. This is the rewarding time of the year for many agricultural workers.


The ground is bare and there is little work happening in the fields but we are busy at work preparing the equipment, completing paperwork, planning for the next season and hoping that mother nature gives us enough snow fall that the watershed can store enough to provide water throughout the summer.


Mission Statement

At Owyhee Produce we believe in being different, we learn differently, teach differently, have different ideas, and different people. Everyone’s experience and expertise matter. At Owyhee, there’s a difference. Being the difference is identifying abilities and improving them. Everyday it allows us to share important moments with millions of people through the food we produce. To make Owyhee “The Difference”it requires each of us to be the difference, we are the difference
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